Gelupo makes the finest Gelato in the heart of London. 

Established in 2010 by Victor Hugo and chef Jacob Kenedy,we make uncompromisingly delicious gelato from the finest ingredients, fresh every day. 

We are one of the better things to do in London to help sweeten life.


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Thursday: 1-10:30pm

Friday & Saturday: 12-midnight

Sunday: 1-9pm


We are delivering in London every day


White Alba Truffles now available !

The white truffles from Alba are the most desired for their unforgettable flavour and a quality of taste.

The golden, spongy tuber boasts a pleasantly musky aroma and when eaten gives a deep and earthy flavour. We love to shave the truffle in paper-thin slices over a variety of dishes, from pasta and risotto to eggs and meat. Either in Bocca Di Lupo or if we are creating a fancy dinner at home.

Truffles are a natural foraged product and the sizes always differ. We will get your truffle as close as possible to your chosen weight.


Black Umbrian Truffles

Available for delivery

Black winter truffles unlike their white cousins, are delicious cooked into sauces and stews, sweated in butter for scrambled eggs and omelettes, or stuffed under the skin of poultry - as well as being shaved to garnish pasta, white or red meat, white fish, seafood, vegetable and mushroom dishes.The fruiting bodies of the black truffle exude a scent reminiscent of undergrowth, strawberries, wet earth or dried fruit with a hint of cocoa. Their taste, which fully develops after the truffles are heated, is slightly peppery and bitter. Black truffle has anearthy, strong and sharp aroma. With slightly hints garlicky but rooty with deep musk.In cooking, black truffles are used to refine the taste of meat, fish, soups and risotto. Unlike white truffles, the aroma of black truffles does not diminish when they are heated, but becomes more intense.



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Thursday: 1-10:30pm
Friday & Saturday: 12-midnight

Sunday: 1-9pm

We deliver in London:

- every day